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Our company specializes in all forms of concrete flat work (residential and small commercial jobs), dirt work, hauling and excavation. Due to changes in our company, we will no longer do large commercial jobs. We are primarily specializing in new residential, and residential concrete remodeling. Please contact us if you need a referral for larger commercial jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How do I contact an estimator? 
You will be able to use e-mail or call the office number listed on this site. 

What type of warranty do you have?
We can only guarantee concrete according to industry standards.  Even under ideal conditions concrete will develop cracks.  We do take great care in proper preparation and reinforcement to minimize cracking. Excessive cracking will be handled fairly.

Do you take credit cards?  
No, we do not take credit cards​

What type of concrete do you use and how is it reinforced?  
We do not typically mix our own cement unless the job is very small, we have it delivered from a cement plant.  Concrete comes in different weights (3000 PSI, 4000 PSI etc) because some concrete has to be thicker and stronger due to heavier traffic. The weight of concrete used is based on the function of whatever is being put in.  We always reinforce concrete with fiber mesh (a hair like fiber added to the wet mix) and or wire mesh (which comes in rolls and looks like a steel grate), and steel rebar (sticks of steel used to tie into existing structures). 

Who pays for the concrete and materials?
For individuals, we normally include all the materials and labor in their estimate.  With commercial contractors, we can go either way.

Do I have to pay taxes?
By law, we have to charge taxes on commercial remodels.  New commercial is tax free and for individuals who are remodeling or adding new concrete to their homes, there is not tax.

How soon can you get to my job and how long will you take?
We operate on a first come first served basis; however, we may do another job sooner if it is adjacent to one currently in progress. Some jobs will have priority due to closing dates and deadlines. Once we start your job, we put every effort into having it completed in a timely manner. Weather can play a big role in our ability to get things done.  We will not compromise the quality of our work should the weather be too cold, too hot or too wet. 

Where will you do work?
Small individual jobs:  Wichita and surrounding towns within a 30 min driving time.
Commercial:  Depending on the size and projected time, Kansas only.  Prices will be subject to driving time, mileage, lodging and per Diem. Everything is negotiable. Our estimates will cover all these variable.

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